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"Solitude Series"    15" x 10" - 24" x 16" - 36" x 24"    archival inks on Hahnemuhle fine art inkjet photo rag paper   editions of 150 prints


This is a personal essay on the adaptation nature and suburban wildlife in the increasingly hostile environment of a small local pond.  The challenge for me

is searching for visual cohesion inside the frame of the camera while working in a fluctuating reality. In the complexity of this place, I find myself repeatedly

discovering intricate relationships of form, line, and space. Primarily I am interested in opening up space and air in the images while at the same time dealing

with the constricting edges of the frame. I want to represent the porous boundaries of a place we call natural and illuminate the private world that exists within

the larger spaces.


Barcelona Biennale 2019      Julia Margaret Cameron Awards

© Gabrielle Keller images protected by watermark

unauthorized use without permission of artist is prohibited by law  Learn More

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