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In the heart of our community, the Arlington Reservoir has been
my silent companion for eight transformative years. Each
photograph encapsulates a moment in the life of this sanctuary,
capturing not just the wildlife, ever changing landscapes, and
light during sunsets and cloud formations, but also unraveling
the intricate story of a small city pond brimming with diversity.

From the resident ducks to migrating birds, every creature plays
a role in the fragile ecosystem that calls the Reservoir home.
Seasons evolve from Spring - when blossoms dot the banks,
Summer with it’s vibrant tapestry of greens, Autumn casting
warm, golden light on the pond's surface, and Winter’s serene
stillness that ice and snow bring.

Yet, amidst this natural wonder, there is a silent threat - the
encroachment of human development. As the city expands, so
too does the impact on this fragile habitat. When the delicate
balance is disrupted, the inhabitants of the pond face an
uncertain future. The Reservoir Project not only captures the
visual splendor but also serves as a meditation on the
importance of mindfulness in preserving these pockets of nature
within urban sprawl. It urges readers to contemplate the
consequences of their actions, fostering a sense of
responsibility for the well-being of the pond and its inhabitants.
By weaving together descriptive language, captivating visuals,
and a call to mindfulness, this project becomes a plea to
cherish and protect these small city ponds, ensuring they
remain vibrant sanctuaries for generations to come.

© Gabrielle Keller images protected by watermark

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